CSCI 250 Spring 2013
Discrete Structures
Archived Class
Charles Cusack
Computer Science
Hope College



CSCI 112
CSCI 125


Homework 1


  • Problems are taken from the textbook unless otherwise noted.
  • For full credit, provide context for each problem, show all calculations, and justify all answers by providing enough comments to explain your reasoning.
  • You will lose a significant amount of credit if you do not provide context, calculations, and justifications for a problem.
  • Numbers and/or algebra by themselves are not enough. A correct answer with no justification will be worth no more than half credit, and sometimes much less than that.
  • Precision is very important. You cannot skip steps, make guesses, or use flawed logic. Any of these things can lead to incorrect answers.
  • Homework assignments must be very neatly written or typeset (e.g. using Word or OpenOffice).
  • You must indicate any assistance/collaboration you had on an assignment as specified on the Policies page.


Answer the following questions based on the course website. For each one, give an answer and specify which link on the left you clicked to get the information. For instance, your answer for one might be:

      23. Certainly (Gradebook)
Each question is worth 1 point, right or wrong.
  1. How often should you check your e-mail?
  2. How many assignments can you turn in late?
  3. At exactly what time are homework assignments due (be precise)?
  4. If you come to class 10 minutes late with your homework, will I accept it?
  5. What percentage of your grade are the exams? What percent is each exam?
  6. When are my office hours?
  7. If you get help from or work with others on an assignment, what do you need to do?
  8. Does neatness/organization of homework matter at all?
  9. Do you have to show all of your work on homework problems, whether or not the problem says so?
  10. Can you tell exactly what grade you got on any assignment in the course at any time? Can you get an idea of how your grade compares with the grade of others?
  11. If you talk about homework problems with others and are able to write down a solution but you don't fully understand it, should you include it on your homework assignment? Explain.
  12. Will I give extra credit assignments to students who are not performing well in the course?
  13. What is the reading assignment for Monday, January 21?
  14. How many homework assignments are there currently scheduled?
  15. What dates are you going to be in class taking an exam?
  16. Are there any solutions available for the exercises in the book? If so, where?
  17. What should you do after every homework assignment is handed back?
  18. What is the earliest possible date and time you can leave Hope College at the end of the semester?
  19. If you give or take answers from classmates, the Internet, etc., what will be the result?
  20. How is learning like sports?