Further Investigation

Link Type Description

[html page] This is an interesting site that teaches the Sum Rule and the Product Rule. It first describes the two rules, and then can generate a printable worksheet with problems and can even e-mail you the answers!

[html page] A very thorough page that explains the Inclusion/Exclusion Principle. It has many examples and goes further in-depth than our site, because we intended this site to introduce the user to counting.

[html page] Another good source for Inclusion/Exclusion Principle information. This page has a nice look to it, and also uses diagrams to help in explaining the principle.

[html page] This is a good resource on the Pigeonhole Principle, and begins with a very interesting result of the Pigeonhole Principle.

[.ppt file] A Microsoft PowerPoint Slideshow document. This slide show describes many of the basic principles of counting, such as Pigeonhole Principle, Ramsey Theory, Strictly Increasing/Decreasing Subsequences and provides examples and proofs.

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