Algorithmic Art

Charles Cusack
Hope College
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Getting Started with Python Turtle
  1. Download a suitable IDE for working with Python. I use PyCharm
  2. You may also have to download and install Python, but I think recent versions PyCharm will install it for you if it can't find it.
  3. Download the Python Turtle Examples and extract the files.
  4. Drag the three files into the project (or copy them into the appropriate directory).
    1. is very basic and just draws two shapes.
    2. draws a simple checkerboard.
    3. contains a couple of methods that are used in to make the window better. I recommend that you use the getTurtleAndScreen method to get your turtle/screen objects.
  5. Run these and look at the code. Then start making your own!
  6. See Turtle Graphics Documentation to see more about what Turtles can do.
  7. I recommend numbering your files like I did (e.g. 01_FirstTurtle, 02_CheckerBoard, 03_MyCoolOne, etc.), and every time you make tweaks that change it significantly enough, consider copying your file and making a new one so you can keep a history of all of your scripts.