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Discrete Structures
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All exercises taken from Discrete Mathematics and its Applications, Sixth Edition unless otherwise noted.
Show all of your work for each problem! Points will be deducted if you do not show all of your work.

Homework 1

The above statement is a lie--this assignment is not from the book. Answer the following questions based on the course website. For each one, give an answer and specify which link on the left you clicked to get the information. For instance, your answer for one might be:

      45. Certainly (Gradebook)
Each question is worth 1 point, right or wrong.
  1. How many assignments can you turn in late?
  2. If you turn in an assignment 2 minutes into the class, is it late?
  3. What percentage of your grade are exams? What percent is each exam?
  4. If you want to see me in my office, what should you do?
  5. If you want to submit anonymous feedback, can you? How?
  6. Does neatness/organization of homework matter at all?
  7. Do I have to show all of my work on homework problems, whether or not the problem says so?
  8. Can you tell exactly what grade you got on any assignment in the course at any time? Can you get an idea of how your grade compares with the grade of others?
  9. If you have a disability of any kind, what should you do?
  10. Will I give extra credit assignments to students who are not performing well in the course?
  11. What is the reading assignment for Monday?
  12. At exactly what time are homework assignments due (be precise)?
  13. How many problems are on Homework 4?
  14. Is there class on Friday? Is it required?
  15. What dates are the exams? Do you plan on being in class on those days?
  16. Is reading the textbook optional?
  17. At what time are SRQs dues each class day?
  18. Are there any solutions available for the exercises in the book? If so, where?
  19. What should you do after every homework assignment is handed back?
  20. What is the earliest possible date and time you can leave Hope College at the end of the semester?

Homework 2

1.110bcef, 12abd, 14acd, 24a, 26ad, 32f

Homework 3

1.212bc*, 16*, 30
1.36cdef, 8, 16, 18acf, 50
*You may use logical equivalences or another technique for these problems. You may not use truth tables, however.Show all of your work.You may use the Logical Equivalence Applet if you wish.Remember that to use the applet, the expressions must be fully parenthesized,so you will have to add parentheses in the proper locations.

Homework 4

1.54, 16, 24
1.62, 6

Homework 5

1.616, 18, 32
1.76, 14, 28, 34*
* This is a bonus question. It seems difficult, but it is actually really easy once you see how to do it.

Homework 6

2.24, 12, 14, 18be, 26ac, 34, 50bc, 54

Homework 7

2.38cdf, 12, 16, 34, 48, 62
2.48, 16, 18ad, 24, 28

Homework 8

Make an appointment to see me in my office between February 23 and February 25.Then show up for your appointment. We will discuss how you are doing in theclass so far.

Homework 9

3.44, 12, 16, 24, 32ac
3.52cd, 4df, 12cd, 18, 20ab, 34 (bonus)

Homework 10

3.82a, 4b, 10, 18*, 6 (bonus), 14 (bonus)
*Read the paragraph before this problem. Also, do not make thisproblem harder than it is--it is actually very simple.If you aren't sure what to do, please ask and I'll giveyou a hint.

Homework 11

4.14, 6, 10, 48
4.34ab, 12, 18, 24ab

Homework 12

5.18, 16, 38, 62
5.24, 18, 24, 36

Homework 13

5.312, 22, 24, 30
5.44, 8, 12, 28*
*For part a, count in 2 ways the number of ways of selecting 2 people from a set of n men and n women.

Homework 14

8.14, 8, 32aceg, 34cg

Homework 15

8.38b, 14abd, 18bc, 20ab
8.52, 6, 14, 16, 44, 64 (bonus)

Homework 16

11.14, 6cd, 12, 20, 28cd
11.22bd, 4bc, 12ab