CSCI 250 Spring 2011
Discrete Structures
Archived Class
Charles Cusack
Computer Science
Hope College



CSCI 125
CSCI 255
MATH 341


Grade Distribution

  • Homework
    There will be a 12±2 homework assignments, mostly problems from the textbook.
    Please review the relevant sections of the Policies page for more details about my expectations for homework assignments.
  • Exams
    Three equally weighted exams, the third given during the final exam period.
  • SRQ
    SRQ is an abbreviation for Summary/Response/Questions, and it is typically a response to a reading assignment. In this class we will replace the Response part with Reason.
    Every day there is a reading assignment you need to write a 1-2 page SRQ, print it to a PDF named Rosen-X-Y.pdf (e.g. for section 2.3, the file would be Rosen-2-3.pdf) and hand it in by 8:00am using handin.
    The bulk of the SRQ must be typed, but you may include hand-written content if you write it very neatly and only if it is necessary (e.g. you want to show a drawing or equation that would be very difficult to do in your word processor).
    The SRQ should consist of three sections with the following headings:
    • Summary: Start with a 1-2 sentence overview of the main topic(s) of the section. Then fill in more details. Highlight the definitions, theorems, etc. that seem to be the most important.
    • Reason: In 2-4 sentences, describe why you think the topic is relevant to computer scientists.
    • Questions: There are several types of questions you might have.
      • Things you didn't understand. Give specific terms, concepts, examples, or exercises that you had trouble with, being as detailed as possible.
      • How this section connects with previous material.
      • How the material might be extended or applied to other things.
      • Why certain symbols or terms where chosen.
      There are plenty of other questions that might come to your mind as you read—include them.
    Grades will be based on completeness, correctness, insight, and mechanics (grammar, spelling, organization, etc.). The Free Late policy does not apply to SRQs—they must be handed in on time or they don't count.
  • Participation
    There are three main criteria here:
    1. Classroom discussion and activities. This includes attendance, how engaged you are during class, whether you are contributing to a positive learning environment or causing distractions, etc.
    2. Getting help when needed (Office Hours, etc.). Contrary to what some students may believe, it is a good thing to ask your professors questions when you get stuck. Thus, I want to encourage you to do so. If you are struggling with the material and never come for help, it will be reflected in this part of your grade.
    3. Colloquium attendance. You must attend at least 75% of the colloquiums to not get marked down.
    These three areas are not necessarily weighted equally.