CSCI 255 Fall 2015
Introduction to Algorithms and Discrete Structures
Archived Class
Charles Cusack
Computer Science
Hope College



CSCI 112
CSCI 125


Grade Distribution

  • Exams
    • There will be one exam during the semester and one final exam.
    • The exams are equally weighted
    • You are expected to take them when they are scheduled.
  • Homework
    • There will be a veritable plethora of homework assignments.
    • The homework will consist mainly of problems. Some assignments will be larger than others, but they will all be equally weighted.
    • Please review the relevant sections of the Policies page for additional details about my expectations for homework assignments.
    • Although you will learn a lot more by struggling through problems on your own, you may use External Sources for up to 50% credit on a problem. See the Policies page for more details.
  • Activities
    • This category covers things like reading assignments (e.g. SRQs), worksheets, pop quizzes, and other things we do during class.
    • The method/depth of grading will vary widely on these activities. That is, some will be graded like an exam or homework assignment, and some may involve me checking off your name if you did it.
    • While reading AIDMA you must complete all of the exercises in the book for each reading assignment. For IDAA you will need to write SRQs. See the Policies page for more details about how to write SRQs.
    • SRQs are due by 10:00am on each class day.
  • Miscellaneous
    There are five main criteria, not necessarily equally weighted:
    1. Preparation. I expect you to prepare for every class, usually by reading one or more sections from the textbook. If I get the impression that you are not doing so, points will be deducted.
    2. Classroom discussion and activities. This includes attendance, how engaged you are during class, whether you are contributing to a positive learning environment or causing distractions, etc.
    3. Getting help when needed (Office Hours, etc.). Contrary to what some students may believe, it is a good thing to ask your professors questions when you get stuck. Thus, I want to encourage you to do so. If you are struggling with the material, whether or not you come to get help will be reflected in this part of your grade.
    4. Colloquium attendance. You must attend at least 75% of the colloquiums to not get marked down.
    5. SALT. If you do not complete the SALT by the Friday before exam week you will lose points.