Charles Cusack
Associate Professor
Department of Computer Science
Hope College

Lecture Notes

Chuck Cusack's Research Interests

  • Algorithmic Art

    I make art using algorithms. See more on my Art page.

  • Graph Pebbling

    I am interested in studying problems related to graph pebbling. It's difficult to give a few sentence summary of the topic so I'll leave it to you to Google it if you are interested in knowing more.

  • Human Computing Games and Algorithms

    I am interested in creating and studying the applicability of human computing games to solving instances of NP-complete problems, a collection of problems that cannot currently be efficiently solved with computers. The idea is to leverage the diversity offered by a large group of humans—that is, utilize the different skills humans have that computers don't as well as the different perspectives of the individuals who plays the games. To explore this possibility, I have worked with several teams of students to develop Graph Games, a suite of games that can be used to solve instances of various graph-related problems. I believe that such games can link players and researchers to form a social-computational system that can strengthen research—sometimes in unexpected ways.

    We are currently continuing development of Graph Games and will soon conduct studies of the effectiveness of using games to solve computational problems—specifically those on graphs. In the near future we will partner with other researchers to create several new games that will help solve problems that they are interested in.

  • Algorithms for NP-Complete Problems

    In addition to creating games to help solve NP-complete problems, I am interested in trying to develop better algorithms to solve them using computers. In particular, I have recently worked with Airat Bekmtjev from the Mathematics department on problems related to graph pebbling, a problem that relates to resource allocation and distribution.

  • Publications

    A list of my publications is available on on my Publications Page.