Charles Cusack
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Department of Computer Science
Hope College

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Some of these are certain to be out of date since I do not remember to update this page often.

Graph Pebbling Crowdsourcing Projects
  • PCP@Home (Post Correspondence Problem)
Games that are more than just games
  • Algoraph is the HCG and interactive algorithm running software package created and maintained by me and my students.
  • Fold It is one of the most succesful HCGs, dealing with protein folding and design.
  • GWAP (Games with a Purpose) is a group of games created by Luis von Ahn's research group a Carnegie Mellon. Their purpose is to use the players to help solve problems that computers aren't good at. This site currently includes ESP Game, Tag a Tune, Verbosity, Squigl, and Matchin.
  • Phetch
  • Peekaboom The game used to be here, but the page now takes you to, which does not contain Peekaboom.
  • Google Image Labeler is a game to help label images on the Internet. It is based on Luis von Ahn's The ESP Game.
  • Listen Game
  • Major Miner Music Labeling Game
  • MoodSwings
  • GIVE (Generating Instructions in Virtual Environments) is a game that helps improve AI algorithms.
  • Phrase Detectives is a game that will help "train anaphora resolution systems that can be used to improve text summarisation and search engine indexing, which will ultimately lead to a better Web experience for you."
  • OntoGame
  • Sentiment Quiz
  • Spectral Game (See a draft of a paper about this work here.)
  • The FACTory
  • Phylo is a game that helps with sequence alignment (Link to Wikipedia page because the link to game didn't work)
Crowdsourcing with Online Games
Wisdom of Crowds/Crowdsourcing/Crowdcasting Other Gaming Related
Java Programming Miscellaneous
xkcd cartoons I can relate to
  • 435
  • 245
  • 166
  • 165
  • 281
  • 121
  • 212
  • 87 (To a lesser extent)
  • 325 (I can't necessarily relate, but this one made me laugh uncontrollably for some reason.)
xkcd cartoons related to computer science
Too much technology (videos) Misc. Videos Videos about Faith/Belief/Religion (Mostly funny ones)
Faith and Science
Using technology and engineering to help those in need
Clonezilla related Random Funny Stuff