CSCI 255 Fall 2016
Introduction to Algorithms and Discrete Structures
Archived Class
Charles Cusack
Computer Science
Hope College



CSCI 125
CSCI 255
MATH 341


Hope College Policies and Expectations

Below is a list of statements that are required in all course syllabi.

Excessive Absence Policy

Hope College encourages students to regularly attend class and allows faculty to develop their own classroom attendance policies. Attendance and participation in class are vital components of a residential college experience. View the entire Excessive Absence Policy (doc).

Special Note: Only arrange holiday travel after confirming the dates of your final exams/projects, as the Office of the Provost dictates.


If you have questions about access or are a student needing accommodations for a disability, please contact me. I will ask that you connect with Disability and Accessibility Resources if you haven't already.

Academic Honesty & Integrity

As it seeks to fulfill its mission, the Hope College community assumes each of its members will operate with integrity and honesty, with a sense of personal responsibility, and with mutual trust and concern toward others in all facets of the life of the college. In order to apply this principle to academic life in a fair and consistent manner, the following policies have been adopted to clarify the expectations regarding conduct, and to establish a set of procedures for dealing with situations which violate these expectations.

Preamble, Code for Academic Integrity at Hope College

More information about Academic Integrity can be found at Student Handbook | Student Development

Student Complaint

Hope College is committed to the appropriate resolution of complaints as efficiently and effectively as possible. Providing a mechanism to hear complaints allows us to improve our services.  Students are encouraged to speak directly to other members of the Hope community in an effort to resolve conflict and/or seek an informal resolution of the dispute directly with the other community member(s) whenever possible. Please use this Complaint form when such a resolution is impossible.

Safety & Emergency Preparedness

Students should dial 911 (the United States’ primary emergency response system) from any phone if they or someone else experiences a medical or mental health emergency.  Students can also contact Hope College’s Campus Safety Office (616-395-7770) in any kind of emergency situation, and Campus Safety will contact the necessary emergency response service.  You can learn more about specific emergency instructions on their webpage.  Students can sign up for emergency text message alerts at

Inclement Weather

Campus Safety sends emergency notification texts, including notices of weather-related closures, via the HOPE ALERT system.  A decision to close campus offices and cancel classes is typically announced before 6:30 AM.  More information regarding inclement weather notifications can be found on Campus Safety’s webpage.

Academic Assistance Statement

The Academic Success Center (ASC) offers all students various free services (e.g., tutoring, testing strategies, time management resources).  The ASC is located in Van Zoeren Hall--immediately adjacent to the Van Wylen Library second-floor entrance.  To contact the ASC send an email to or call 616-395-7830.  


This syllabus is subject to change. If changes occur, students will be notified via email.

Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS)

Students may experience stressors that can impact both their academic experience and their personal well-being. These may include academic pressures, relationship challenges, alcohol or other drugs, financial concerns, identity development, body image, etc.

If you are experiencing similar concerns, we encourage you to seek support. Hope College Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) is a free and confidential resource. Call 616-395-7945, or visit the top floor of the Bultman Student Center to find the right support for you.

If the source of your stressors is academic, please contact us or academic advising to find solutions together.